What are the benefits of goat milk soap ?

At Far North Soap we use a traditional old fashioned method of hand crafting soap using a cold process method and we use fresh goat’s milk for our herds of goats.

This is not to be confused with Melt & pour, where a block of glycerine based solid base is purchased, melted in the microwave, coloured, scented and poured into moulds. These are often referred to as ‘handmade’ but actually tend to have a lot of chemicals added in order to enable the ‘melt and pour’ process to take place.


Our soap contains raw ingredients of:  Saponified Oils of Olive, Coconut, Palm, Castor and of course our own hand milked unpasteurised rich creamy goats milk.


The benefits of our ingredients are:

Olive Oil contains antioxidant properties and thus protects the skin from those harmful and damaging free radicals. It is beneficial in slowing the aging signs such as fine lines and wrinkles. Some research has indicated that applying olive oil on the skin after being in the sun may help reduce the damage caused by sun exposure. Other potential benefits of olive oil as an olive oil skin care product include: treatment of - minor skin wounds, eczema, and psoriasis. The vitamin E in olive oil makes it a great overall skin care product.


Coconut Oil is easliy absorbed into the skin, giving it a soft, smooth texture. It makes an ideal ointment for the relief of dry, rough and wrinkled skin. Psoriasis and eczema suffers often see great improvements in these distressing conditions.


Palm Oil is rich in antioxidants and vital nutrients. These vitamins are essential for healthy skin. Vitamins A and E are free radical neutralizers. Free radicals are unpaired molecules in the body that cause destruction of your cells. These vitamins fight free radicals, helping to protect and preserve your cells, resulting in healthier skin. It also contains vitamins D and K, which are not present in other oils. The natural antibacterials fight acne bacteria while maintaining the skin moisturised. Dryness can actually cause the skin to become irritated and sensitive, which can lead to acne. (we use sustainable Palm Oil which is ethically sourced).


Castor Oil is a known to be a antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal, and it has been used topically to treat a variety of skin conditions, reduce pain, and stimulate your immune system.


Goats Milk is loaded with calcium, phosphorous, naturally occurring sodium, potassium, magnesium, Vitamin A, Vitamins B-1, B-2, B-3 and B-12, Pantothenic Acid, Biotin, Choline, and many other trace elements. It is almost like a medicine cabinet in a glass. When you use products made with goat milk, you are nourishing not only your skin, but your whole body benefits. It is easily absorbed by the skin and is excellent for sensitive skin. People with eczema and psoriasis benefit from the nutrients that are in goat's milk.

We use ONLY 100% RSPO Certified Sustainable Palm Oil

We try to be as GREEN aware and Sustainable as possible. Yes we do use Palm Oil as it adds to the quality of our soap but we would like to reassure everyone we use ONLY 100% RSPO Certified Sustainable Palm Oil. For more information on how the WWF helped set up the RSPO please see there website. Love your Skin :)



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