Benefits of Essential Oils




Angelica root

Dull skin, gout, psoriasis, toxin build-up, water retention

Exhaustion, nervousness and stress


Bronchitis, colds, coughs, flatulence, flu, muscle aches, rheumatism



Bronchitis, colds, coughs, exhaustion, flatulence, flu, gout, insect bites, insect repellent, muscle aches, rheumatism and sinusitis.

Fatigue, exhaustion, burnout, memory and concentration


Dandruff, hair care, neuralgia, oily skin, poor circulation, sprains and strains.

Emotional exhaustion and fatigue

Bay laurel

Amenorrhea, colds, flu, loss of appetite, tonsillitis.

Confidence, mental confusion


Arthritis, bronchitis, chapped skin, coughing, laryngitis



Acne, abscesses, anxiety, boils, cold sores, cystitis, halitosis, itching, loss of appetite, oily skin, psoriasis

Anger, anxiety, confidence, depression, stress, fatigue, fear, peace, happiness, insecurity and loneliness.

Bois de rose (Rosewood)

Acne, colds, dry skin, dull skin, fever, flu, frigidity, headache, oily skin, scars, sensitive skin, stress, stretch marks

Depression, emotional imbalance


Asthma, bronchitis, coughs, muscle aches, oily skin, rheumatism, sinusitis, sore throat and spots.

Fatigue, mental confusion


Appetite loss of, colic, halitosis.

Fatigue, stress, shame, guilt

Carrot seed

Eczema, gout, mature skin, toxin build-up, water retention

Anxiety, confusion, exhaustion, mood swings and stress

Cedarwood Atlas

Acne, arthritis, bronchitis, coughing, cystitis, dandruff and dermatitis.

Anxiety, fear, insecurity and stress.


Acne, arthritis, bronchitis, coughs, cystitis, dandruff, dermatitis, insect repellent, stress

Anxiety, fear and insecurity

German chamomile

Abscesses, allergies, arthritis, boils, colic, cuts, cystitis, dermatitis, dysmenorrhea, earache, flatulence, hair, headache, inflamed skin, insect bites, insomnia, nausea, neuralgia, rheumatism, sores, sprains, strains, wounds.

Anger, anxiety, depression, fear, irritability, loneliness, PMS and stress.

Roman Chamomile

Abscesses, allergies, arthritis, boils, colic, cuts, cystitis, dermatitis, dysmenorrhea, earache, flatulence, hair, headache, inflamed skin, insect bites, nausea, neuralgia, PMS, rheumatism, sores, sprains, strains, wounds.

Anger, anxiety, depression, fear, irritability, loneliness, insomnia and stress.


Constipation, exhaustion, flatulence, lice, low blood pressure, rheumatism, scabies.

Concentration, emotional and mental fatigue


Excessive perspiration, fatigue, headache, insect repellent, oily skin

Mind fog, tension

Clary sage

Amenorrhea, asthma, coughing, gas, labour pains, sore throat.

Anxiety, fatigue, exhaustion, fear, loneliness and stress

Clove bud

Arthritis, asthma, bronchitis, immune system, rheumatism, sprains, toothache

Memory and concentration, fatigue, depression


Aches, arthritis, colic, gout, indigestion, nausea, rheumatism

Fatigue, irritation


Excessive perspiration, haemorrhoids, oily skin, rheumatism, varicose veins.

Confidence, grief, memory and concentration


Bronchitis, catarrh, extreme coughing, mature skin, scars, stress, wounds.

Agitation, grief

Eucalyptus Globulous

Arthritis, bronchitis, catarrh, cold sores, colds, coughing, fever, flu, poor circulation, sinusitis.

Concentration, memory


Bruises, cellulite, flatulence, gums, halitosis, mouth, nausea, obesity, toxin build-up, water retention

Fatigue, emotional imbalance


Anxiety, asthma, bronchitis, extreme coughing, scars and stretch marks

Anxiety, depression, fatigue exhaustion and burnout, fear, grief, happiness and peace, insecurity, loneliness, panic and panic attacks and stress


Immune system abscesses, acne, boils, bronchitis, cuts, lice, mature skin, muscle aches, poor circulation, rheumatism, scars, sores, stretch marks, wounds

Emotional rigidity, mood swings, nervousness and stress


Acne, cellulite, dull skin, lice, menopause, oily skin.

Anxiety, depression, happiness, mood imbalance and stress


Aching muscles, arthritis, nausea, poor circulation

fatigue exhaustion and burnout


Cellulite, dull skin, toxin build-up, water retention.

Confidence, fear depression, happiness and peace, and stress


Abscesses, acne, boils, burns, cuts, dermatitis, eczema, irritated skin, wounds

Grief, loneliness, panic and panic attacks, shock


Bruises, coughing, sore throat, respiratory system

Concentration, nervousness


Dry skin, labour pains, sensitive skin.

Stress, depression, fear, fatigue exhaustion and burnout, confidence and anger

Juniper berry

Cellulite, gout, haemorrhoids, obesity, rheumatism, toxin build-up, urinary system

Agitation, negative energy


Acne, allergies, anxiety, asthma, athlete's foot, bruises, burns, chicken pox, colic, cuts, cystitis, depression, dermatitis, earache, flatulence, headache, hypertension, insect bites, insect repellent, itching, labour pains, migraine, oily skin, rheumatism, scabies, scars, sores, sprains, strains, stress, stretch marks, vertigo, whooping cough

Anxiety, depression, irritability, panic attacks and stress


Athlete's foot, colds, corns, dull skin, flu, oily skin, spots, varicose veins, warts

Fear happiness and peace, memory and concentration


Acne, athlete's foot, digestion, excessive perspiration, flatulence, insect repellent, muscle aches, oily skin, scabies, stress

Fatigue and mental confusion

Linden blossom

Headache, migraine, Acne, dull skin, oily skin, scars, spots, wrinkles.

Insomnia, stress, tension


Aching muscles, arthritis, cramps, migraine, neuralgia, rheumatism, spasm, sprains

Mood swings, PMS symptoms, stress


Flu, indigestion, herpes, nausea, shingles and cold sores

Agitation, anxiety, dementia, nervous tension


Amenorrhea, athlete's foot, bronchitis, chapped skin, gums, halitosis, itching, ringworm

Emotional imbalance, creativity


Acne, asthma, coughs, haemorrhoids, irritated skin

Addiction and self destructive behaviour, depression


Mature skin, oily skin, scars, stretch marks

Anxiety, depression, anger, irritability, panic attacks and stress


Acne, bronchitis, colds, coughs, dull skin, oily skin, sore throat, whooping cough

Concentration and mental fog


Arthritis, constipation, muscle aches, nausea, neuralgia, poor circulation, rheumatism and slow digestion.

Mental fatigue

Bitter orange

Colds, constipation, dull skin, flatulence, flu, gums, mouth, slow digestion,

Anger, confidence, depression, fear, happiness, peace and stress


Coughs, digestion, respiration



Congestion, digestion, diuretic, immune system, kidney infections and stones



Acne, cellulite, chapped skin, dandruff, dermatitis, eczema, mature skin, oily skin.

Fatigue, frigidity exhaustion and stress

Black pepper

Aching muscles, arthritis, detox, constipation, muscle cramps, poor circulation, sluggish digestion.

Anxiety, fatigue, concentration


Asthma, colic, exhaustion, fever, flatulence, headache, nausea, scabies, sinusitis, vertigo

fatigue exhaustion and burnout, memory and concentration


Rapid heartbeat, insomnia

Anxiety, panic


Colds, congestion, cough, flu, lungs sinusitis

Depression, fatigue, nervous exhaustion


Eczema, mature skin

Anger, anxiety, , frigidity, depression grief, menopause, happiness and peace, loneliness, panic and panic attacks and stress


Aching muscles, arthritis, dandruff, dull skin, exhaustion, gout, hair care, muscle cramping, neuralgia, poor circulation= and rheumatism.

fatigue exhaustion and burnout, confidence, memory and concentration


Bronchitis, chapped and dry skin, laryngitis, oily skin, strep throat, urinary tract problems

Anxiety, depression, exhaustion and burnout, fear, grief, irritability and stress


Asthma, exhaustion, flatulence, headache, nausea, scabies.

Depression, mental fatigue


Arthritis, bronchitis, candida, cuts, dermatitis, gastritis, laryngitis

Concentration and memory


Acne, arthritis, muscular aches, oily skin, rheumatism

Anger, anxiety, exhaustion, insomnia, fear, grief, insecurity and stress

Violet leaf

Bronchitis, insomnia, liver congestion, sluggish circulation, problem skin

Fear, nostalgia, obsession, shyness


Acne, arthritis, inflammation, hair care, hypertension, insomnia

Insomnia, stress and tension

Ylang Ylang

Hypertension, menopause and PMS symptoms, palpitations

Anger, depression, frigidity, mood swings, PMS, stress

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